Pre-Winter Check

freezing coldWith winter just around the corner, have you prepared your vehicle for the upcoming months? Use our tips below for a trouble-free winter of driving!

  • Have you got sufficient anti-freeze in your coolant? Anti-freeze is cheap, but a frozen engine can be expensive to repair.
  • Are your tyres up to scratch? The less tread your tyres have, the less they will grip the road. This becomes even more dangerous in the frequently wet and icy roads over winter. Consider purchasing winter tyres and snow-chains for snowy weather.
  • Is your screen-wash winter-proof? You should be using screen-wash that gives protection down to down to -10 degrees C; frozen washer pumps might lead to the fuse blowing and your wipers not working as they are often on the same fuse.
  • Run your air-con periodically to keep the system from freezing.

We are offering a winter safety check – call us today to book.

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