Servicing & Repairs

1468764_593297824077087_482904559_nWith the mechanical and technical knowhow at our disposal, the team at Piper Autos can provide servicing, maintenance and repairs to all makes of vehicles.

We can offer class 4 and 7 MOT’s.

We believe in quality parts and use Castrol Oils and Original Equipment “OE” or genuine parts which will ensure the max life and performance of your car.

Cam Belt

All service items are vital to the smooth running and reliability of your vehicle. None more so than the timing belt and its associated components. From experience we know that a replacement belt as part of a routine service could be as little as 5 to 10% of the repair costs following a belt failure. Piper Autos replace cam belts in line with manufacturers recommendations.

Quality Parts

We use the following quality brands and parts:

  • Castrol Oils ensures quality and performance.
  • Delphi Parts
  • Sachs, LUK, Lemforder, and Valeo for replacement Clutches.
  • Pagid for Brakes for full performance and longer brake pad life.
  • Wurth for Air Conditioning and Engine lubricants.

We can offer a Valeting service if required

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